Some segments of the training show the wrong gait

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep, 2023 at 1:52 PM

When set up properly, Equilab is typically 90%+ accurate at tracking gaits. If you feel that the accuracy of your rides is below that level, please review and try the potential solutions below.

Manually update/edit your gaits

Premium subscribers can directly change the gait for any portions of their trainings by using our Gait Segments feature. Learn more about it in this support article.

Ensure proper device and physical setup

To get Equilab to accurately track your gait, you need to secure the phone against yourself as a rider on the horse (Equilab cannot detect gaits while driving). Additionally, you'll need to use your mobile phone, as smartwatches cannot detect gaits on their own. To learn more about how to best set up your device to track gaits, check out this support article.

Uncommon horse types

Equilab's goal is to ensure our app works for all equestrians around the world. Our team is continuing to pursue that goal, and has more work to do to ensure all types of horses are tracked equally accurately by Equilab. (Some horse types that we are aware often have problems with the app is Shetland ponies, retired trotters and Andalusian horses).

Additionally, horses that have more than the three basic gaits is often more difficult for the app to detect. If you ride a gaited horse (such as an Icelandic Horse), check out this support article.

Phone-specific issues

Equilab utilizes the accelerometer and the gyroscope in your device to track gaits and turns. On some models of device, manufacturers have reduced the number or quality of sensors (often in order to reduce costs). This results in less data for Equilab to use, and thus lower levels of accuracy for tracking. The best way to check  if this is causing issues is to ride with another (higher quality) device and compare the quality.

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