How to maximize Equilab's ride tracking accuracy

Modified on Thu, 1 Feb at 8:50 AM

Equilab uses your smartphone (and/or smartwatch) to automatically track your and your horse's speed, gaits, turns, and more during your rides. To ensure that Equilab can effectively measure your trainings, please be sure to take the steps below before you begin riding.

Mobile Device Settings (for distance/speed tracking)

Updating your device settings to match the following

  • Disable WiFi (you can turn it on again as soon as you finish tracking)
  • Ensure "Low Power" or "Battery Saver" mode is turned off
    • And make sure your device is well-charged
  • Make sure your device does not have "Data Saver" mode on
  • Close other apps to ensure your device will not automatically close Equilab to keep the other apps running
    • Most users can use other apps to e.g. answer a phone call or respond to a text message while tracking
  • Enable proper location services to make sure you have the best possible settings for your device's GPS accuracy, be sure that you have given Equilab permission to track your location while using the app (this can be found in the Privacy/Location settings on your device)

If you are an Android user experiencing almost no distance or speed data from GPS tracking or are frequently having your rides be interrupted, please check out this support article.

Please note that some devices have lower-quality hardware components such as GPS trackers and accelerometers, which can limit the overall accuracy Equilab is able to achieve. Apple and Samsung mobile devices typically provide the highest level of accuracy. To see the recommended specifications out team has for devices, check out this article.

Physical Setup (for gait tracking)

Taking care to hold your phone the right way can make a massive difference in how accurately Equilab is able to detect your house's gaits.

  • Position the device properly: For Equilab to accurately track the gait and speed of your horse, it's important that your mobile device be held securely against your body so that it does not bounce around out of sync with your horse while riding. Generally, this can best be accomplished by placing your phone in a pocket that holds it tightly against your upper leg or chest/abdomen. Armbands that keep your device secured against your upper arm also work well.
  • Be sure your device has a sufficiently charged battery: Most phones automatically limit the data that is collected and processed by sensors after a while because it consumes more energy, which can interfere with gait detection.
  • Ensure your horse's Type is logged properly: If you ride a gaited horse, Equilab will only look to detect tölt if your horse has been entered as an "Icelandic Horse" within the app. You can check your horses' types by going to the Profile page in the app, then tapping on the horse. Press the 3 dots in the top right corner and select "Edit" to be able to review or update its 


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at We're always here to help.

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