My trainings/rides or horses have disappeared

Modified on Thu, 1 Feb at 11:26 AM

Equilab stores all of your data securely in our cloud-based servers. This enables you to access your account - including trainings/rides and horses - from any mobile device that has the Equilab app installed.

If your account data or a specific ride or horse seem to have disappeared, it may be due to one of the following common reasons. Please take these steps

You created a new account (or logged into an old, duplicate account) by accident 

If your account appears completely empty or only has data from years ago, it is likely that you may have created or logged into another account. If you're logged into an Equilab account currently, you can take the following steps within the Equilab app to see if you can find another account of yours:

  1. From the Home screen, tap the "add friends" button in the top left corner
  2. Search for your own name
  3. If you see another user that may be your account, it is a good indication that you logged into/created a duplicate account

If you are not currently logged into an account, we recommend using the Forgot/Reset Password option from the sign-in screen to see if you can find the email address(es) associated with your account by entering them to have their passwords reset. If you receive emails from Equilab with links to update your credentials, that confirms that an account is associated with the email address you entered.

Your horse filter has changed (for missing trainings/events)

If your trainings or calendar events are not showing up on your Calendar or Trends tab, it may be because you have filters on these screens that are only showing a certain horse. You can verify this is not the case by opening the app and taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab
  2. In the upper left corner, select the "Me" option from the dropdown list (where horses' names are shown next to a horse head symbol)
  3. Then check if you can see all of your trainings

No horse assigned to a ride

If your trainings have not been appearing in your Calendar or Trends tab, try looking for them under your full Trainings list from the Profile tab by tapping on "Trainings" (it will show the count below). If they appear in that Training list, check to ensure that you have added your horse to the ride by confirming that your horse's name is listed on the training. If it is not, you can edit the ride to add your horse.

The list on your Trainings section of your Profile includes all trainings associated with your account - so if it is not there, it may not have been saved. 

Accidentally deleted a training/horse

Please note that if you have unintentionally deleted a training or a horse it cannot be recovered, as data regulations require that we permanently discard any data that users directly delete. However, if you added your horse to a Stable as its owner, we may be able to add it back to your account if you deleted it. To check with our team about assisting with such situations, please email us at the support address below.

If the above guidance did not help you find your proper account, trainings/rides, or horses, please contact our team at In your email, we ask that you include your name and any email addresses that may be associated with your accounts. 


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