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Modified on Thu, 21 Sep, 2023 at 11:51 AM

Users who create Equilab accounts will, by nature of signing up and using the app, create data about themselves and their activities in Equilab. This page outlines the general types of data and to whom they are visible.

  • Your profile (includes your name, the number of friends you have, how many trainings you have done in total, what horses you have and what groups you are in) - this information is always visible to all users, so that your friends can find you
  • Rides (and their associated data: map of ride, speeds, gaits, and any notes you write for the ride) - this information is by default visible to any friends you have on Equilab. However, you can choose to make any ride "Private" when saving it, in which case it becomes only visible to you. 
  • Horses (and any of the following data that you enter: name, birth year, gender, breed, discipline) - these are visible to all users if you provide this data on your horse.
  • Horse calendar (vet/farrier appointments and notes, rest days, trainings, etc.) - this information is only available to users who have access to the specific horse. It is possible for you to share the horse with other users, but unless you actively do so it will only be visible to you.
  • Group membership - member lists of groups are always made visible, so other users will be able to see which groups you are a member of
  • Messages (e.g. chats or posts in groups) - any messages you send will only be visible by members of that group.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at We're always here to help.

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