How to let people track your ride (in real-time)

Modified on Wed, 10 Apr at 9:43 AM

Equilab's Safety Tracking feature empowers you to share your location with other people in real-time when you are riding and tracking with Equilab. Once you have enabled the Safety Tracking feature (from the Track tab), there are two ways that you can share your location with others:

Send them a Safety Tracking web link (for anyone)

You can send any of your contacts a web link that they can use to track your location while you are riding with the Equilab app. To do so, simply follow these steps (check out this article here to see screenshots):

  1. Navigate to the Track tab of the app
  2. Press the "Share" button next to the Safety Tracking icon
  3. Choose the contact and messaging channel (SMS, email, etc.) you'd like to use to share the link with others

The link (URL) can be sent to multiple people, and they will all be able to track you at the same time. Importantly, whoever you send the link to does not need to have an Equilab account to be able to track you via a web link.

Add them as a Safety Contact in Equilab (for those with an Equilab account)

If the people you'd like to share your location with have an Equilab account, they can track your rides directly via the app. They can also receive notifications when you start riding, stop riding, or if you've been still for 5+ minutes during a ride. They do not need to subscribe to Equilab Premium to track you via the app.

For a user to be able to track your rides in real-time through Equilab (and receive notifications), you must add them as a Safety Contact. To do so, follow these steps (and check out this article here to see screenshots):

  1. Ensure you have added them as a Friend in Equilab (see more details in this article)
  2. Navigate to the Track tab in the app
  3. Press the Safety Tracking button
  4. Scroll down to the Safety contacts section, and press "Add a safety contact"
  5. Select the desired Friend from the list
    • If the contact has a "Notifications off" indicator beneath their name, you'll need to ask them to ensure they have enabled notifications both in their device's settings and in the Equilab app (from Profile > Settings > Reminders and Notifications)

Note: Safety Contacts are one-way relationships - so if your Friend wants you to see their location, they will need to add you as a Safety Contact for their account.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at We're always here to help.

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